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    Average Cyber Criminal Age Drops To 17 As Parents Are Warned To Be More Vigilant

    They could have a brighter future ... if they stopped using weed. No joke. A recent comment from a US Govt supervisor - when asked why the NSA was having trouble recruiting good hackers. "They want to use marijuana before they drive to work. That is not something that we can do.". Hahaha!
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    Security within the Blockchain (new cyber security)

    This reply is not exactly on-target. One thing about bit-coin. There is a break-even price to stay in business. Currently Bitcoin is a little less than $7000, US dollars. Clearly there was a massive speculation bubble before. But i have seen estimates (reliability?) that some Bitcoin...
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    Costa Rica Officials Warn of Growing Maritime Drug Trade Amid Cocaine Surge

    and just as a sidebar. this happened in Belize. but its all the same region. I have a buddy who does exotic fishing trips. he was in Belize. he rented a boat, but took his own fishing tackle. they stayed offshore at a jetty, lots of mangrove swamps. a prime fishing area. the locals...
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    Illegal Gold Mining in Costa Rica Suggests Diversifying Criminal Landscape

    its widespread across all of S. America. The rivers in Peru, the lowlands on the Amazon side, are filled with mercury. So are the fish. it all comes from gold mining operations. Brazil is still having a major problem with this. Its an environmental travesty. but nobody polices it. the...
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    Kim Jong Un dodges Grim Reaper

    Whoops! I think that Shakespearean character was MacBeth. Too bad William Shakespeare never saw N. Korea. :-)
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    Kim Jong Un dodges Grim Reaper

    I was actually wondering how many Kim's were rounded up in N. Korea. It is ironic that Ping-Pong Jun would complain about the use of a chemical agent. When in fact, he poisoned his own half-brother with sarin in an airport in Malaysia. Perhaps this is like a Hamlet tragedy ... out damned...
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    Kim Jong Un dodges Grim Reaper

    Home - BBC News It's too bad they missed.
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    BREAKING NEWS: State Dept issues Travel Alert amid terrorism threats

    I know where you are going with this. :-) Don't go there. Haha! My sanity is already breaking down with the relentless nonsense that comes across US television news. There must be a small island that doesn't have WiFi and broadband ... some place where I can eat crabs legs and seaweed and...
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    Please Help/ Baton

    A reply on this topic. But what I say won't be remotely applicable to your work in the UK. Frankly, I don't know how the Police can function in the UK. The constraints on them are tremendous. The Public expects the Police to be wonderfully nice people who don't even whack someone with a...
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    Watch and shoot!!

    Saward Haven't been here for a long time. Just saw your video. Very amusing. I just spent 16 months in Brazil. That video neatly summarizes my overall impression - of everything. One TRUE story for you. Happened in early 2016. A big group (30) of heavily-armed criminals hit a major...
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    Brexit anyone ; if it hasn't been covered already.

    CONGRATULATIONS to the people of the UK today. This is surely a historic vote. But I think it is a very sensible result. Britain must regain control of its essential industries ... especially defence, transportation, and energy production. No doubt this will send a shockwave through...
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    Brexit anyone ; if it hasn't been covered already.

    Brexit ... Yes! I'll weigh in. I havent been on this forum for a long time. I think it is a very smart move for the UK to chart an independent course. There is no way that Europe can stay together ... the financial system in Europe cannot possibly survive the strain. Greece is a dead duck...
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    It's Getting NASTY Out There In the World Of Refugees

    Meanwhile On The "Apocalyptic" Northern Greek Border... | Zero Hedge I'm willing to guess that there are people on this forum who might have some firsthand knowledge of some of this nastiness. It will probably get a lot worse. KL
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    Britain has No Airplanes that can hunt Subs?

    I don't think it requires an aircraft (structure) that is very sophisticated. But the internal guts of the electronic sensors have to be excellent ... which is what DeltaSierra was saying. I'm a bit surprised that the UK is running low on these airplanes, because the sub threat is potentially...
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    Britain has No Airplanes that can hunt Subs?

    Is this report actually correct? The UK does not have aircraft that can hunt submarines? None at all?? KL