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  • Hello Marshy41, this SSO position has probably gone but ill leave this anyway. Age 54, currently in Iraq for 6 more days. My Missis has "suggested" I return to maritime work rather than here or Afghan. I have worked "anti piracy" on and off for 7yrs but am looking at the cruise ship industry. I have 3 interviews with recruitment agencies in the UK on my return but if your help can fast forward me to the cruise liners then all the better. I have all my tickets, ENG1, FPOS(I) and 2 x passports as well as my seaman's discharge book.
    My Email is Brianwinton60@hotmail.com
    Regards Brian.
    Hello again if i still can't send PM's but i don't mind giving my email address here if you would be kind enough to pass the details on to me please

    Kind Regards

    Apologies for that i was trying to make some posts to allow me to PM you to get the details of the Ship Security job
    Apologies for this message here but i have looked and can't find how to send you a PM ? where is the option to send one ?
    Hi Marshy, the position looks like its been well received, and has probably been filled however if you could send me the info, much appreciated and thanks in advance.
    Hi Marshy, i have recently left the military and i have a Level 4 BTEC in Surveillance, i am looking for the opportunity to gain more experience. Could you send any details to charlottew2005@hotmail.co.uk

    Hi Marshy
    I did the same job with an established team before, unfortunately the company went bust, and needs must I moved onto CP and maritime. However I have a lot of experience in the industry and happy to pass on my cv to the relevant parties. my email is:-


    Many Thanks

    If the position of surveillance operative is still available I would be very interested in applying. Please could you send the relevant information to joknell111@yahoo.co.uk

    Many Thanks,
    Hi Marshy,

    I'm extremely interested to find out some more information regarding the surveillance position. I appreciate the length of time since the post and the likelihood the position has already been filled. My email is luke.deeley87@gmail.com if you could let me know either way.

    Thanks in advance,
    Just signed up this morning. I've updated my profile with relevant experiences.

    Hi Marshy,
    I'm particularly interested in your posting regarding surveillance manager yesterday. I have all the credentials and experience. I'd appreciate a more information via email. stixieboy@hotmail.co.uk. Thanks in advance.
    Marshy, any further info would be much appreciated. My email is David.lloyd12@live.co.uk Thanks in advance.
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