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  • Hi mate, could you help me out pls I'm trying to find out how I can get a job with g4s. If you can would you email me with some tips pls mate. deanlittle1@hotmail.co.uk all help would be great many thanks keep safe
    I have a site under development for former and active soldiers to share their stories of their most gruelling or successful operation during a tour of their choice.

    I was wondering if you would like to tell your story as well. If you are interested i'll provide you with all the details, however, if you are not then I completely understand as I've not had many replies since asking around.
    I saw your post in which you said you were part of the Fusiliers. Can I just ask, where you deployed to any hotspots during that time?
    Hi Slick
    Thanks for the greeting! Nice Blade! I am new to this and am doing my research. Based on your experience, who would you use for training?
    Many thanks
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