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  1. S

    which of the following is NOT characteristic of the panopticon theory of

    surveillance? 1) people come to behave as though they were always being observed(self-policing). 2) people never can be sure when they are being observed, as they cannot see the observers. 3) people are classified impersonally and automaticlly using categories such as student, worker, patient...
  2. ?

    Can A security guard stop and search ur bags if?

    Whiles leaving a large supermarket 2day my mum was stopped and her bags where searched. 1 security guard was infront of her trolly and the other 1 at her side. They searched her bags and check her receipt and found she had payed for all her goods.They done this infront of everyone coming in and...
  3. M

    close protection iraq

    Anybody here done close protection iraq? Let us know what type, where abouts and how much you got paid!
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