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Nov 21, 2007
Einar Haraldsson
Protection Specialist

Name: Einar Haraldsson
Born: 9th of July 1955 in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Height: 191 cm.
Weight: 100 kg.
Hair color. Red.
Eye color: Blue.

Phone no: +354 845 7963.

E-mail: bullock5@hotmail.com

WEB SITE: Einar Haraldsson

WORKING EXP..: Former Policeman in Iceland (1974-1993). Former Sec.Gen. for International Police Association (IPA) for 8 years. Lived in Denmark from 1995-2005 and worked there as a Security/Bodyguard for some Security Company´s (Danavagt and Falck Securitas). Working now for US Department of State in Mission Security Force at US Embassy in Iceland. Have been in: USA-UK-Denmark-Sweden-Norway-Finland-Germany-Spain-Italy-Greece-Georgia (Former USSR) and Iraq for studying Police Tactic and as a Bodyguard. Have been Bodyguard for a member of Danish Royale Family and some VIP´s in USA-Europe and Middle East.

COURSES: Taken IED courses and others at US Embassy. Taken Special Security School in Copenhagen, Denmark. Taken courses reg. Private Investergation in Copenhagen, Denmark. Taken some Bodyguard courses in USA- ( SAS in UK).

PROFESSION: Protection Specialist, providing close personal protection for executives, dignitaries, VIPS, celebrities, politicians or individuals transporting valuable commodities.

Advance work for incoming client; protective escort services; qualified for inconspicuous protection; one-on-one bodyguard or protective entourage; limousine transportation for client; body armor protection for client. My principal skills include protecting my employer, and defusing bad situations before they turn into confrontations. I can blend into any social situation.

Currently available for short term assignments, travel acceptable. Ultimately seeking full time employment with one employer to whom I can commit myself in a close relationship while keeping my employer from harm’s way. Assignments with unusual hours or locations are satisfactory. I can promise my employer confidentiality, integrity and loyalty. The safety and comfort of my employer is my primary concern and responsibility.

SPECIAL SKILLS: Proficient with weapons hand-to-hand combat (Judo). First Aid. Computer literate. Multi-lingual: Danish, English, Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian. Excellent communication skills; can inter-relate with most groups or individuals. Dependable, flexible, self-motivated, honest.
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