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Recent content by alamarahsoldier

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    Anyone heard of HZL?

    To add to this, one of the instructors said that today "His company is one of only 4 in the world that can deliver the city and guilds CP course". I'm not on it but a few mates are.
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    Anyone heard of HZL?

    Interested to hear from the experienced CP operators or Forum members here. As the title says has anyone heard of HZL as a CP training provider based in the U.K.? They have a big contract with a government department doing CP training. They then say you need refreshers every 6 months or so...
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    Close protection Earpiece

    From a neutral point of view, if you ask a silly question with the CV you have put up on your profile you need to expect a level of scrutiny. If you admit ur a novice and new to it all, then that's different. You have had good answers here and responded like a child. Suck it up and learn, man...
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    CP/EP courses, trainings, workshops

    I recently did the underwater knife fighting instructors course. Can't remember instructors name- it was Walter ....someone.
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    Help me please

    Wire me 20k and I'll take a look for you and see what I can find out?
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    Weighing up my options

    I'd go with the military route mate. I did short CP tasks back in the mid 2000s when I was still serving. When I left the Army I had a short stint in Iraq but found it hard to get any substantial CP work. Landed on my feet and got a decent gig with the FCO now. Not trying to be negative but...
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    Job application refused

    You will never be able to work it out mate, a lot of companies now only care about bums on the seat. Any idiot with an SIA licence will do regardless of lack of experience, I hear about it all the time now.
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    GTYSON Intro

    If your young enough join the Paras, Marines or even the RMP's. The life experience you will gain is second to none.
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    GTYSON Intro

    Excellentia, control risks, ronin (Hereford) , go down the Uk circuit route and do a course that is suited to that. No point worrying about firearms IMO, get a decent first aid qualification, a driving qual or learn a language which will all help and sell yourself. This forum has a wealth of...
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    After Ronin SA/CP course completion

    I like your optimism. Although some things are pretty much impossible now in this industry. Doing HE in the sandpit with a reputable company and no military experience is one of these, unless you managed to get your foot in the door years ago during the boom and have experience and contacts...
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    johnkelly Intro

    I can't reply to your job advert so I will here. I have a pet frog that may consider working for that wage if your interested? If so let me know.
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    The boxing ring!

    Definitely No spud peeling at camp bastion.
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    ACID - Defence. Tactics. After Care.

    This crime is big in Pakistan/ India region. We need to change our laws in order to keep up with the way criminals have adapted. There needs to be a massive sentence and consequences for carrying out acid attacks in this country.
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    ARV course - shooting

    As long as you remember the firearms principles which you will be taught you will be fine. Most British firearm coppers I know have no previous firearms experience unless they are ex military. Plus the weapons you will be taught to use are accurate pieces of kit when used correctly. Just...
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