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  • Hi
    Still trying to get started on first assignment, got my second assignment fairly going. Can you send something on where to get info on the web for first assignment? Anything will help :)

    Best regards.
    Still trying to gather my thoughts on the first assignments in Syl Dip.
    Where did you find materials for "Self study materials" for the Syl Dip?? I am a bit lost there, have been browsing through the web with little luck.
    Can you or anyone give me an hint on where to look??
    I am new to this side.. saw you gave Kilgert good info regarding Syl Dip. I am starting now this september, could you please give me the same info as you mentioned to Kilgert.

    Best regards.
    Thanks Phil and excellent, I wish you much luck with your objective and the outcome... Carl
    Hello Carl

    I am Head of Department at Bucks since last September, 20 years experience in FP, an MSc in Security and Risk, ASIS CPP and PSP and BCI Cert. I also worked as a corporate security management training consultant for 3 years, dealing with the main multinationals- role is to provide and produce high quality education for the security sector and now putting together a range of courses that will be more than competitive with any other Uni (UK or worldwide). I am on a mission to professionalise aspects of the industry from Protective Security to BCM and everything in between, and we are well on the way. I've read some posts on the saying that Bucks is not to the standard of other Unis - that may have been the case in the past for security but not now

    Now, our courses are detailed, interesting, relevant, challenging and good value.
    I aim to make Bucks the first port of call for security professionals who really want to go places.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards

    "That's what I teach on my courses so that graduates are equally competent and confident in handling various events."

    Hello Archie,

    I trawl the posts and just occasionally like yours I find something of interest...

    What do you teach exactly Archie and where and to whom..?

    I trust that you do not mind the question..? but leave the answer, if you wish to answer of course, until you have a PM facility...

    Kindest regards

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