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  • Hi Arnaud, i've read you have attended the Ronin SA course. Being interested in the same course, could i ask you some detail about it?

    Thx and cheers
    That was for one particular guy, when I was still serving in the basic training regiment (4RE). I think you'll get more advice on the open specific forum section.
    Hi Arnaud, read an old post where you advised people to pm you before they joined the legion. I'm planning on going in the not too distant future - if you're open to giving counsel I would welcome it.
    Arnaud, I am Greek citizen and can meet the requirements of your recenyly advertised position. Please PM me for additional information. Niko
    you can contact me?
    I am French I would like to know if you recruit?
    I am former military (kosovo, afghanistan africa and) I work in the private sector also a good experience with the Middle East and Africa.
    Tried replying to your message mate but you're full...hope the course is going good. Get your inbox cleared and I will resend...
    Hi Arnaud,
    many thank's to have accepted my friendship request, I'm glad.
    So, if it's not too indiscreet, where are you now exactly, seen on your profil you are currently employed at the FFL.
    Myself, I'm in the 1°REG, I go to GABON toward the beginning of november for 4 months.

    I wish you a nice and sunny weekend brother, stay safe and take care,
    legionary friendship
    hi Arnaud your private inbox is full so cant send a reply to you so writing quickly here
    Hi Arnaud
    thanks again for quick reply ADC Bertrand is a legend he will probably remember me(I hope????) and say hi to ADC Pinkham ..Should have explained in more detail my legion side also done 2 years in djibouti with the 13 dble where I done my Lifeguard training 95/97 this is the diploma I need and an Infermiere just to vouch for me and say I done LN work whilst a legionnaire.With my other medic stuff I now have this should be enough for the provider
    Cheers again for your help most impressed
    kevin ''mack'' macintyre
    Hello Arnaud,
    I come back to you again about the message I'd like to edit. It's still appearing in the google search, and this is annoying for me. I can't see any edit button too. Did you get any response from the mods ? Thanks !
    Hello Arnaud, thanks for posting a message about my project (I'm pauline, about your message "testimonials") ; but now I'm being annoyed by some people who send me rude messages about this, because they found the link on google. Could you erase the announce please (and this message too)? Thanks for your help, take care Pauline.
    hi arnaud, just regarding colourblindness and joining the legion. i have red green colour blindness and i just want to know would this stop me from joining.
    would be very gratefull for any info on the matter.
    cheers. bob
    Hello Arnaud, I read your post regarding the French Foreign Legion.
    Can I please ask you some questions regarding the enlistment?
    Arnaud, I was reading your post on the guy who was asking about the CP4, and I wanted to ask you a question regarding the same thing, except that I am CP3 (deuteranope, my sensitivity to red light is normal). But I also have a degree and am in good physical condition, what I am trying to ascertain is whether or not this will disqualify me. I am going to try anyway, but just wanted to see if I could get some background before hand.

    Thanks for your input, my name is Marcus by the way.


    Thanks for the welcome post. And hey, we'll be chillin' our a.. off on the field next week. See you when you get back. :)
    Hi Arnaud,

    I would be VERY CAREFUL about your "COLOMBALATINA" info and others PSD courses there.
    These guys are just scammers who takes your money, giving you some shit-paper saying you're the best PSD in Colombia...
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