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Recent content by hippy

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    Kabul- RIP Mark Duffus

    RIP. Twas the compound next door to me.
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    RAF Regiment in Mali

    If you re-read my thread, I didn't criticize the French Army.. I said I didn't trust them, I didn't say they were no good..
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    RAF Regiment in Mali

    Actualy I was OC of an international unit for some three years and also deployed to a NATO HQ unit during the NATO operations in FRY, so I am afraid I have worked with a 'foreign army...
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    RAF Regiment in Mali

    Seriously? 'Waiting on is the correct term for the job a waiter does..
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    RAF Regiment in Mali

    Explain what?
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    RAF Regiment in Mali

    Had to happen really, unless we entrust Force Protection to the French. And in all honesty about the only role I would trust them with is waiting on!
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    Favorite drink?

    Anything by Adnams, 10 year old Talisker, Bombay gin and tonic (with all the trimmings) a good Rioja or a good Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. They are currently the drinks of choice...
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    The media game

    The press do indeed pick sides... Its all about 'ratings' or 'copy' after all NOT keeping us informed.. I went over with a news crew when this all first started (first time I had been in many a year!) and, as always with the media, they had a very firm picture of what they wanted..
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    best study book for CP course?

    Indeed Rich's book is a very good read. However, you state that its to revise for the exam. Then I suggest you use your course notes as anyone's book, as good as it may be, may not cover what the exam is asking for. Considering most 'cp' courses are worth tuppence, a 'good' book may just mislead...
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    James Bond / Skyfall Opening on Friday

    I have not seen the film yet, due to work, but hope to see it soon. I have however just finished the new book which 're-boots' Bond into the present day. Its called Carte Blanche and is by Jeffery Deaver. A decent read, which helped pass a few nights in identi-kit hotel rooms. It would fit into...
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    William and Kate protection officer shot gun accidentally in unmarked car

    Lets be honest here, an ND, or whatever the politically correct and current term is, happens due to, in 99% of cases, 'user error' In other words, mishandling the firearm. Very, very few are caused by malfunctions. So, if PC X has discharged his weapon, unintentionally it is more than likely...
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    Tccch! I ask you!
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    7 days Training to Become a Certified Personal Protection Specialist

    I'm not sure how seven days training in anything is enough... And I mean anything!
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    Recommend me a CP course.

    Saward, I never said it would happen. Indeed I would be amazed if it did, I very much doubt many training centres would welcome the attention and certainly I for one have no intention of completing a civvie course. Rich, sorry, I have to disagree slightly. Yes, I agree that a coffee and a chat...
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    To all the American's out there...

    Hmm, stash.. American... Is it a vehicle where they keep the twinkies?
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