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  • nay bother about the banter mate. i've took this long to reply cos i was huffed :) nah, i did think i mebbes came across as a possible journo, but although i would be a brilliant one, i'm not. just a nosey b****** really :)
    So pleased you are Ok mate :) I know the internet is as shit as the country you are in! My godson (RMC) has just returned thankfully. So we are enjoying his 11 weeks off with champagne and cigars . He bought himself a Porche and I am his crash test dummy at the moment .... **** that ! I hope you come home safe and sound mate . My 50th birthday is looming ..27th January so if you are around please let me know and you will be welcomed !
    Stay safe .
    Hi Knash,

    sorry it's taken me so long to reply but now back in Sunny Afghanistan and the internet is crap. (takes 30 mnis to send a bloody email, let alone load a site like CPW) Back home on rotation at the mo, fly back out on the 26th. It's taken me a week to get out of the 'hangover zone' (can't believe how much I've spent on booze recently) hope you and yours are fine and that the guys and galls on CPW are getting through this sodding recession without too much pain.
    hi im just starting out infact im not even that far yet i was wanting to pick your brain on which would be the best course to attend if i were looking for jobs in hazzardess environments ive heard good things about ronin but have nothing to compare it to plz help.
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