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  • Hi Lee - good to hear from you mate - how are things with you ? have all the certs (cert ed and hcpc paramedic) just competed MDS : ) and back in the sandpit - certainly interested take it easy BZ
    Hi Baz, hope you're well? I was asked this morning if I knew of any qualified medics who would be interested in teaching companies heading to hostile environments. Clients include Oil and Gas and the BBC. Mostly UK-based with short-term tasks overseas. Let me know if you are interested please. Speak soon, Lee.
    My name is Darius, I am a paramedic.
    Recently got registered with CPW and read your post... As I am a freelancer you may find my services beneficial for your needs.
    If any questions please do not hesitate to contact me,
    best regards< Darius
    Hi mate got your details from john twells.If i can pick your brains im looking for some med training to give you a little of my background i did the ronin cp course back in 2005 and have done various basic psd operative team training the last couple of years with my currently employer in iraq.We do med training now and again hostile enviroment relevent.Im looking for a course that will give me as an psd/cp operative a good level to look after a client until we get a professional medical team to us or we get them to a hospital.Id like this to be something that would give me a recognised qualification that i could refresh every year or couple as needed.I also would like it to be able to be used in both hostile psd and normal cp too.Hope you can help suggest something many thanks.

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