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security consultancy

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    Seeking the help of a security protection service provider by approaching them

    I own a factory. A robbery took place in my factory recently. When I went there the next morning after this incident, I found that some of the expensive equipment was stolen. This equipment was needed for our day to day activities in the factory. So It put us into a lot of trouble, and we were...
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    How to safeguard the residential premises ?

    A robbery took place in our residential premises recently. A lump sum amount of money was stolen from our neighbour's house. Since there were only two security guards and the area is vast, it was difficult for them to manage it. So all the residents gathered together and decided to appoint more...
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    Security Consultancy Services

    Security Consultancy Services are in use more now than ever. Even though there's a range of products and technologies available to address electronic threats, network security requires the ongoing efforts of knowledgeable and attentive human beings. Security consultancy for a local...
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    About Security Consultancy

    In February 2006, the SIA announced a delay to the development of licensing for security consultants until late 2007. In May 2007, they conducted a consultation exercise looking at whether our recommendation to the Home Office should be for a further long term delay - effectively postponing...
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    offshore close protection work?

    how would i go about finding infomation about getting a job doing close protection work on oil rigs? does anyone know anything about that sort of thing?
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    Phoenix CP course

    Phoenix CP Limited is the most highly regarded Close Protection (CP) training establishment in the UK. It was formed in August 2000 to provide commercial CP training appropriate to the realities of the operational environment as well as training which offers depth, quality and consistency to...
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