Consultants guide to Ship Anti Piracy work in GoA

I just come back from a 3 week escort assignment thought the Indian, arabian Sea and gulf of Oman and it looks like the goverment in SA is making it very hard for SA guys to do this sort of work.
Do anyone know of a company thats willing to take South African guys?
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We take on SA guys and it's not at all difficult as I use SA Ex SF's (Recces) all the time.
I am new to the industry and soaking up as much info as possible, like a sponge. this is great stuff along with all the other posts about routines and gear etc. thank you all
Hi Nick,
Thank you, for the information, i am currently looking at a role change and Maritime security is appealing. I left the Navy in 2008, set up my own executive driving/close protection business and now own and run an Irish bar in Portsmouth! Unfortunately i have not been challenged since i left the service, so looking for just that. I have a lot of colleagues RN and RM who have ventured into this field and there is a wide discussion about what courses to do and not to do (cost effective).
I did 23 years in the Navy ending up as a Chief Petty Officer Radar, so have done all the courses and have a vast knowledge in operations room, radar, bridge, seamanship, firefighting, ships protection, officer of the day etc etc.. Are they relevant outisde? I have been advised on the following courses STCW 95, BOSIET, SSO-anti piracy module, RYA level 2. I have modified my CV and once i get on the courses required i am more than happy to deploy anywhere in the world at a moments notice for as long as is necessary. Ive spent most of my life at sea, so am in need of the buzz again!
Your post was very informative and helpful.
Thanks again
now own and run an Irish bar in Portsmouth!

I bet it is about as Irish as my left nut!


George Armstrong was only saying last week you have the place in Southsea. Get in touch with Steve Bassett in Phoenix and he'll sort some certs for you by going through the database. They will go towards the STCW 95. F/F, Sea Survival. First Aid. You'll have to fork out for the Social Responsibility one mind.

I'm still in the Pusser, got just under 3 years left to do, but seriously considering marsec. Hopefully I'll be able to get into it when I'm outside.

Have a look on Linkedin, there a few RP's in marsec now. I'm not sure if they take their handbags to sea though!

Yours aye,

Fantastic..Really informative and loads of questions answered for me within.. I'm in a bit of a dilemma at the moment because I have the opportunity of voluntary redundancy from my job (defence cuts and all that stuff) but i seem to be hitting that 'no previous military experience' stance despite working alongside the military every day. My background is purely police (M.O.D.) and I am an Authorised Firearms Officer as well as being a senior instructor on a marine unit, I've got all my quals and documentation in place as well as lots of RYA courses, 1000's of hours of day and night boatwork, instructors ticket etc. etc.

This is by no means a cry for help,as I realise that I am fortunate enough to be in a job and my redundancy is not being forced upon me..It is merely an opportunity for me to alter course and start afresh while I still can.. Therefore any advice, pointers or opinions would be greatly appreciated....

Stay in the Mod plod Stevie. You may have the most boring police job ever looking after subs and ships but I bet it's not anywhere as near as boring as MARSEC and it's secure and you get to go home every night.
Yeah thats one way of looking at it I guess and I appreciate your thoughts....but after many a year in harness to the dear old m.o.d. it really is time for a change for me. I guess Ive kinda gotten myself into the same situation as hundreds of in having got stcw, sso, books, jabs, etc. etc. although I am hoping that if I couple all that up with my work quals and tickets that someone will notice my cv..
Meanwhile, as you quite rightly say, Standto..Ive still got security and my own bed...

This thread has been a wealth of information.

I have a Police background ( 16 years ) and a few years TAVR.

Currently working for one of the bigger UK firms who supply MARSEC companies with firearms and kit. And we hope to offer Firearms Courses soon BUT NOT REPRESENTING THEM HERE SO WONT MENTION ANY NAMES. Thats how I came into contact with a guy very experienced in the Marsec industry who has kindly assisted with info and an introduction. Without that, I would have been pissing in the wind.

Doing my STCW95 later this month and MSO course in mid April ( I was told that MSO is far more relevant than SSO, to the Marsec role and becoming more desireable to the employer )
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Hey Emerald...
Good to hear that something may be coming your way.... As you say, without that intro, you would have been pissing in the wind.... Thats just the way it goes I'm afraid...I 've invested a fair bit of money thus far to no avail..I have done a SSO course and got the full proficiency because of my maritime background... I have all the other 'bits and pieces' in place and lots of qualifications in the (small ships) world along with police firearms quals etc. etc. Yet here I am still facing South West into the prevailing wind. Notwithstanding that...Its got to pick up and I remain optimistic that something will come my way.....


How long have you been waiting Steve ?

How many CV's have you sent out ?

I am by no means assured of a job but the guy who I was put in touch with invited my CV and told me what courses are needed etc.

Should be all coursed up and medical done by end of April. And my current employer will certify me as firearms competant.
Hey Emerald....
I guess its been a good 6 weeks now since I put the first CV's out, 20 odd in total.. I've had a few snippets of interest but nothing thats come to any fruition just yet. Same as you regard the firearms competency but the companies are telling me that the shipping companies are asking them for ex military operatives, particularly ex marines..However thats not 100% across the board...PM me if you like and I'll willingly share any info that comes my way..Failing that, e mail me whenever you like and if I can help..I will...
That was the informative info I have seen yet. I am just starting in this line of work after a career change and shit jobs in civvy street. Any info on who is taking on please forward them to me. Cheers.
Greate info thanks,ive done sso/pfso and stcw95,how do i apply for my seaman card and discharge book?ive got the froms but need a company to sing it off for me?
Hi Emerald,

Out of interest what companies do you know who would recruit without an SSO or PDSD quali?

From what I have heard - SSO is not relevant and MSO is whats required by most.

I have done -

STCW95 ( 4 modules )
ENG1 medical
Firearms competancy cert.

From what I have heard NO company employs nowadays without all the certificates etc
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