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    Powerboat licensing

    The easiest way to find out is to apply for an ICC and see if the course you did is accepted. If not I would suggest doing a Powerboat Level 2 direct assessment, which definitely qualifies you for the ICC.
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    Powerboat licensing

    If your not familiar with the terms used in the maritime industry, padding out your CV will likely be spotted! Probably worth doing the actual course. In any case the ICC (International Certificate of Competence) is what you are after, without knowing what was involved in your Zodiac course I...
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    RYA power boat courses in Colwyn Bay, North Wales

    The RYA PB2 course is often priced up to 300GBP, it is an internationally recognised certificate and you can also then apply for an International Certificate of Competence which is useful for operating small leisure craft in various jurisdictions. Sekura is quite right, volunteering for a...
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    Dog Handler Vacancies

    I have a buddy who just got out and is setting up as a handler, can anyone suggest any current resources or tips in general for someone new to the sector. Cheers CL
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    Terrorist attack Westminster, London

    I am concerned this was a pathfinder mission, one guy set up to test the seat of Government's response to an attack. Hope to be wrong.
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    Dog trainer i n Hampshire UK?

    Can anyone recommend a trainer in the Southampton/Pompey area?
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    merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas all :)
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    One reason why after25 years in the USA we are still a die hard " PROUD Brits"

    My guess would be the surrounding politics, such as Austria's position and the handful of years where we and the Yanks thought we were getting good intel when really Ivan knew what we were up to. Potential embarrassment for all concerned.
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    Pinkerton Intro

    I take it that was a "yes" in the Do you represent a company question?
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    On a lighter note....

    I am sure there are still enough people in the world who would bite...
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    DfT Approved Avsec Company Required

    Looking for a company to work with in putting together a bid for a 5-year contract to provide avsec at two small/medium airports, including baggage scanning as well as pax screening.
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    Enzo213 Intro

    Did you get a certificate in persec?
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    Starting a small company

    I can't imagine domestic investigators every get to give people the news they want to hear either! Thankless springs to mind.
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    Starting a small company

    Such cynicism Paddy :)