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  • Hello Dark Horse I hope to be fine , anyway you visited my profile now I`m in your profile but the different between us you visited me as friend to see what's going on in my profile I know was empty nothing in it but I`m in your profile to ask you question do you have any idea about how can i get job in Iraq if yes? can you send email for me please wwiraqww27@yahoo.com
    Hi DarkHorse,
    In regards to your post here is my email address: gordongallowayfr@yahoo.com
    Thanks for the help
    best regards
    I saw your thread from 2009 mentioning that you were considering enrolling for the postgrad Countering Terrorism and Organised crime course from UCL, could I ask as to whether you did this or not as I am very interested in it?
    Many Thanks, Barry
    Darkhorse... If you do not mind me asking what is it as a civil servant you actually do..? cheers mate ... CD
    'Morning DH,

    I sent you a friend request as I currently cannot send you an e-mail neither a PM in order to talk about the MSc outside the open forum.

    Please let me know if you would prefer to get to know me better before doing so. In that case, let me know and I'll send you my e-mail address.

    All the best,
    Hiya DH, stay safe mate! anything in the pipeline for the midlands could help out an old mate cheers, Ned
    Hi Dark Horse, thanks for the welcome. I see you are doing the Terrorism studies, i was looking to do that but got side tracked with other work, it looked really good, and a i imagine a good qualification to have for obtaining more corporate and consultancy contracts
    Hello DarkHorse,
    Thank you for the kind comment.
    I will always try to pass on what I can. What goes around comes around I always say.

    Thanks again
    Hi DarkHorse
    Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the warm welcoming message, hopefully i'll pick up a few things from the members on here!
    Cheers again!
    Afraid not, I hoped to but I'm working unfortunately. Def next time though, I think its a great idea and chance for members to network.
    Hi Mate, just sent you a pm, not sure if you got it as my computer went a bit lampy there for a moment, let me know if you got it.


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