Ex Queens/PWRR?


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Ex 2 pwrr Ccoy 09-11 (discharged)

Went on to the I.O.W from Kent now im up in cambs lads doin DS work


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hello to all im currently 1 PWRR, Y Coy but out in dec due to redundancy deep joy.
Anyway hope all is good with you all


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Dave , I knew you back years back lost contact with everyone from 2 Queens I was in C coy then Recce , how are things with you.


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I remember you really well, how are you we were in the same platoon together, good to here from you


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Ccoy 1 PWRR Aird-Finlay hopefully out by nov, don't suppose anyone on this forum went into close protection and is able to give some advice ect ?


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Hey , I'm ex pwrr for 9 and a half years myself and I'm now a bodyguard , I work a lot along the lines of PMC ( private military contracts) obv first step as I'm sure you know is get your cp badge. Cp is always the hardest industry to get into unless you know some one who knows some one etc. And believe me when I say this you must have seen active service, Iv done 4 tours in Afghanistan. So once you got your cp bade you need to create you own personal profile like a cv and you need to upload to as many sites as possible and you gotta make it sound amazing, to make the client want you over any one else . Hope this helps