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I am looking for P/T or F/T work as a security officer or CCTV operator in Liverpool

Hi everyone,

I am looking for P/T or F/T work as a security officer or CCTV operator in the Liverpool area. Does anyone know of any companies currently recruiting? I would really appreciate any information.



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Hi everyone,

I am looking for P/T or F/T work as a security officer or CCTV operator in the Liverpool area. Does anyone know of any companies currently recruiting? I would really appreciate any information.


Sorta helps when you post it in right thread !


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Female SV available. Just starting out and wanting to do as much SV work as possible to gain further experience. I am SV trained and willing to travel anywhere. I don't mind if it is dull, short assignment, I'm not picky! I have an intelligence background and soon to qualify as a PI.

Please feel free to contact me {Deleted}
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I am currently a first mate on a private Yacht in Nigeria. Been here for five years with good sevice. Working closely with the Nigerian Navy. I intend to return to the UK asap when I find work. I have served in the RAF Regiment before this role and I have maritime and offshore certs. Below is a list of them.Aheads up on any positions suited to the info I have provided will be much appreciated.
Training courses:
Sept 2011
Warsash Maritime Academy
Basic offshore safety induction & emergency training course

Feb 2008
Warsash Maritime Academy
Proficiency in Medical first aid on board a ship

Mar 2008
Warsash Maritime Academy
Training in Advanced Fire Fighting

Apr 09
Warsash Maritime Academy
Proficiency in survival Crafts and rescue boats

Jul 07
United Kingdom Sailing Academy
Approved Engineering course

Aug 07
United Kingdom Sailing Academy
Training for Ship Security Officer

Aug 07
United Kingdom Sailing Academy
Personal Survival Techniques

Aug 07
United Kingdom Sailing Academy
Personal Safety and Social Responsibility.



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With 16 years’ experience working as a Police Officer in Kent Police, the majority of it operational in specialist covert/tactical environments against Serious and Organised Crime and Terrorism.
Whilst remaining a full time operational officer, I instructed others on the skills I used daily.

Highly motivated and keen to look at new ideas.

Covert photography and video,
Photography training,
Counter and Anti surveillance,
Defensive and specialist driving,
Close Protection,
Specialist search,
Security management,

Security Manager 2011 – to date London, United Kingdom
Managing the security at 3 venues in the South London area.
Reviewing existing staff and procedures, implementing new practices and procedures where needed, this has resulted in a more efficient and effective work force.
Reviewing existing policies in relation to security and search/condition of entry to venues including writing new polices and implementing new practices where needed, this has improved the security at the venues and it’s search procedure and policies.
General security staff management.
Liaising with Police and other agencies.
Recommending and making improvements’ to the existing CCTV system.
Looking at local gang culture and how it affects the venues security.
Investigating criminal activity at the venues and providing evidence to support further action.

SIA Door supervisor & CCTV expires 14 Nov 2014

Police officer Kent Police 1994 – 2010 (16 years) Kent, United Kingdom
Finishing my 2 year probation I worked in crime investigation before moving onto a tactical unit executing and planning warrants, searching, covert operations and surveillance covert deployments of photographic, video and audio equipment.
Part of these roles included the Covert Handling of Human Intelligence Sources.

13 years, Instructor in Public Order Tactics, all aspects of Officer Safety training including Use of Force legislation and report writing, ASP/Side handled and rigid batons, Handcuffs, CS spray and CAPTOR spray, UDT and Edge Weapon to Police officers and outside agencies in particular the Immigration Services Arrest Teams being the lead instructor designing and developing a specific course to fit their needs.
Teaching First aid and training Tactical and Public Order medics,
Teaching Covert photography and the relevant legislation (RIPA).

5 years, Special Branch Tactical Response Unit, conducting reconnaissance, planning and executing high profile warrants, searches and surveillance in relation to Serious and Organised Crime and Terrorism throughout the UK and internationally.

6 years, Kent Police Close Protection team, conducting reconnaissance, planning and protection for Royalty, Ministerial and foreign diplomats in the roles of PPO, CPO driver and medic.

I have been responsible for protecting persons from all aspects of life nationally and internationally, planning, moving and carrying out the protection.

Planning and deploying covert photographic and video equipment for specialist and sensitive operations on high profile targets in relation to Serious and Organised Crime and Terrorism.

I have received numerous awards for my policing and investigative work and also my work as an instructor.


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Ex British Soldier Royal Engineers with Exemplary Military Service
Experienced in Close Protection Operations
Highly Experienced as a Maritime Team Leader
Experience In Maritime Consultation
Experience In Training Foreign Nation Military And NGO
Experience In manufacturing & construction Management
Efficient , Practical , Organised , Team Leader , Team Member .


Trident Operations Maritime Security Operative certificate number 008 Trident Operations
MCA Accredited Ship Security Officer certificate number 166 EOS Risk Management
MCA Accredited Port Facilities Security Officer certificate number 018 EOS Risk Management
Accredited Company Security Officer certificate number 801206796 , Hadcon Ltd
BTEC Level 3 Close Protection Operations Edexcel SIA Number 0830012851104937 GDM Ltd
Intermediate Firearms certificate number 05975233 Euro – Tactical Ltd
STCW 95 certificate number 11392 Fleetwood Nautical
Bribery & Corruption Training Control - Risks
Hostile Environment Medic certificate number 0211000103 Phecta
AED Operator certificate number 0211000103 Phecta
Etonox Course certificate number 0211000103 Phecta
Oxygen Administration certificate number 0211000103 Phecta
FPOS Intermediate BTEC 2 Edexcel
First Aid at Work certificate number 0211000103. Phecta

Key Competencies

Management & Organisation
Very Experienced
Hostile Environment Medic
Threat Identification
Instant Action Drills

Operational Planning
Mechanical Skills
Vulnerability Surveys
Firearms / CQB
Conflict Management

Vessel Hardening Measures
Close Protection


Nationality: British Date of birth: 17/12/1967 Languages: German / very good / Thai / basic British Seaman Card and Discharge Book: In date Passport: British x 2 Vaccinations: Yellow fever, hep A & B, Tetanus, TB, Typhoid, Polio, and Diphtheria. Medical: Valid Sea Mans Medical ENG 01 Criminal Background: No convictions Hobbies: Muay Thai, Fitness, Surfing, Canoeing, and Camping.
Current Area Of Residence: Batam Island Indonesia (40 minutes from Singapore)

Weapon Training Received : M4 , AK 74 & 47 , BAR , Norinco 84 S, .308 Steyr Scout , Single , Double , Repeater shotguns , Sig Sauer PP226, Glock 17 , H&K USP , Desert Eagle 44 Magnum , Magnum 357 , Browning 9mm , Browning 50 Cal , GPMG , LMG , Lee Enfield 303 , RPG 7 , Smith & Wesson 9mm , PKM , LAW 66

Career Detail

Maritime Security Team Leader, CPO, General Security 1990 – Present

Anti Piracy

Worked for several Maritime Security companies as a Team Leader, some of long term: Barantas Security, Control Risks,
Ocean Marshalls, Seal LLC, Ambrey Risk, Blue Mountain Group, and Elite Maritime.

During this time I have been responsible for Training Comoros Island Marines, Mozambique Navy, and Indian Commando Divers in anti piracy training and operations. I have also worked in Maritime Operations organising teams.
Areas of Operations have been in all of the HRA. I have also performed Vessel Vulnerability Surveys (Consultancy) and protection of vessels through the Malacca straights.
The majority of Operations have been armed although I have also performed unarmed transits.
As a responsible Team Leader I mix well on all vessels I have served on and build quick rapport with Masters and Officers. During Transits I train my Operators with all necessary subjects relevant to optimal protection of the vessel.
I have served on Luxury Super Yachts, Tug and Barge, Bulk Carriers, Seismic Survey Research Vessels, Container Ships, Oil Tankers, General Cargo and Oil Drill Vessels.
On several occasions I have experienced attempted and actual piracy attacks.

Close Protection

Personal Protection Operative (BG) for an International Hollywood A list actress and celebrity. My main duties involved maintaining the Principals safety and well-being at all times, principal profiling ,conducting threat and risk assessments, security advance recce , security surveying venues , operational planning , chauffeuring and route selection this also involved working alongside the Media (press nights) and the public, and keeping paparazzi coverage to a minimum. This task was successfully conducted over a five week period.

As a team member I was involved with a high profile Residential Security Team (RST) tasking for a member of the British Aristocracy. During this time a senior member of the Royal Family was in attendance and our team received high praise from HRH, the Principal and the Client for the manner in which we approached and executed the task. : Samarkand Security Hereford / London

Protection and escort of: Rock legend, Fashion Guru, Celebrity Chefs, Football legend, Celebrity Comedian: Various Companies

General Security

Media Close Protection for reporters and camera crew (BBC).
Event Security (concerts)
Removal of gypsies (via Bailiffs)
Shop Security
Door Supervision (UK and Germany)
Other Work Rolls
Technical Support Manager for a Leading Plastics Producer ( worked in Germany , UK , South Africa & Thailand )

Contact Details
Please contact via PM
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David Ridley ,Close protection officer UK Home Office, Lincoln,United Kingdom. Contact on linkedin or email
Looking for contracts and networking
Please find full details and c.v on linkedin
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looking for work in north Devon hold sg licence and have experience in retail static construction if anyone has any info on vacancies in this area please contact me many thanks for your time


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Hello, looking for work WORLDWIDE
I have 3 years in military experience
Have: Team Leader, Instructor and First aid in battlefield qualifications
Can use: G-36, AK-47, Rocket launchers RPG, AT-4 Carl gustav, machine guns FN mag, MG3, Pistols, and any other guns
Have a Proof of clean criminal record
Good English speaker, can write and speak.
Passed Military Physical Fitness Test on highest grade (290 from 300pts)
Can easily go on longer missions.
I'm worked in Infantry Rangers battalion.


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Hi there, SIA CP licensed, like so many out there looking for RST / CP work in the UK,
many thanks for taking the time to read my post, please don't hesitate to contact me.
A highly professional and motivated ex-military 1 Para soldier. Excellent communication skills and inter-personal qualities. Organised, proactive and flexible. Equally at ease working as part of a team or on own initiative. Possesses a positive and methodical 'can do' approach to work, with a keen eye for detail. Able to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances in difficult environments. Can work to deadlines and produce work-around solutions. Resilient, committed and dedicated to completing any given task to the highest standard. Promotes a positive Client rapport, observing diplomacy when required, whilst also ensuring confidentiality to the utmost level. Holds a high regard for honesty and integrity.


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PSD operator with Iraq MEV

Ex infantry
Ronin concepts hostile environment close protection course
MIRA (ExMed)
Iraq MEV expires 02/03/2015

Recent Iraq experience in PSD role, previous military tours Afghanistan,Iraq,Kosovo.

Any leads or contacts to work in Iraq would be kindly received.

Email -

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Carl Dowd

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Guys, I wish all of you all the best for your futures! but If I may give a little advice? You cannot have quote a "Clean Criminal Record" you either have a 'criminal record' ergo 'convictions' issued by the judicial system or you don't... and if you do not? then is it really worth mentioning?

Just an observation...



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Actively seeking employment, preferably hostile environment

Professional Profile

A motivated and dedicated Security professional with excellent experience of providing leadership to teams and personal security to families in both military and civilian circumstances. Demonstrates a calm and professional approach to all situations, identifying and mitigating risks, and communicating effectively with team members or the public. Organised and methodical, completes duties with diligence, while remaining adaptable to changing circumstances. Works well under pressure, as part of a team or on initiative, planning and administering training effectively, with a commitment to personal and professional development.

Areas of Expertise

Close Protection
Contact Drills
Weapon handling and instruction
Security Planning
Risk Assessments
Communication/Radio Skills

Career Summary

HM Forces, 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment Sept 2001 – Present
Currently serving as an instructor in the Training Wing, where the primary tasks are organising and supervising training for junior personnel, ensuring that they meet the high standards set by my current organisation.
Additional roles include;
Ensuring orders are received and distributed to team members effectively.
Report writing on junior personnel who attend training courses in the Training Wing.
Organising and supervising ranges
Training personnel on current and new weapon systems
Maintaining all equipment and ensuring it is stored correctly.

2010 – 2012 Section Commander within the Reconnaissance Platoon.
2008 – 2010 Second in Command within a Reconnaissance section.
2005 – 2008 Lead Scout within a Reconnaissance Section.
2001 – 2005 Team member of a Rifle section.

Operational Experience

Iraq –
Op Telic 1 - 2003 Team member
Op Telic 6/7 - 2005 - Team member
Op Banner – 2005 Team member

Afghanistan –
Op Herrick 4 – 2006 - Team member
Op Herrick 8 – 2008 - OMLT Team member
Op Herrick 13 – 2010 - Multiple Commander


Combat Infantryman’s course ITC Catterick
Light Role reconnaissance operators course
Junior non-commissioned officers course ITC Brecon
Skill at arms course ITC Brecon
Section Commanders Battle course ITC Brecon
Endurance training leader Physical Training School Aldershot

Numeracy level 2
Literacy level 2
BTEC level 2 in Security Provisions
Edexcel NVQ level 2 in Team Leading
BTEC level 3 in Close Protection operations
BTEC level 4 in Hostile Environment Close Protection operations (developing)
BTEC level 4 in Coaching and Teaching in the Life long learning sector
Driving licenses B, C and C+E
Hazardous materials certificate


To attend First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I) 30 MAR to 4 APR 15
Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA) courses with EXMED. 15 to 19 APR 15


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Servicer available for Blondes, discount for ones that don't talk much. Brunettes can be catered for but will need a copy of your vitalstatistics and your IQ.

Highly experienced in covert operations ie if your husband comes home unexpectedly I can sneak out the back door like a ninja.

Very competitive introductionary rates. Your safety is guaranteed, I'm on first name terms with the local STD clinic and I ALWAYS carry an Asprin, (just in case)

PPE is supplied, the local chemist stocks my size, there only is 3 sizes - small medium and 'liar'




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Good to see all the replies on here. As I have said in a recent conversation with another member of this site. There is a severe lack of Networking on here, to which he disagreed. There is so many companies looking for guys with good experience and skill set but very rarely any of us here about these job positions.

There is also big companies out there who are corner cutting and paying peanuts just to get bums on seats. The industry is getting ruined because of this.

It`s nice to read that there is guys out there with excellent skill sets and I would recommend getting in touch with David McAdam.

Security Services Scotland :: DMC Security David McAdam