Future FAILED STATES In The World

Carl Dowd

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To be fair Carl, we are not the ones in the position of controlling this nor endorsing it among out own corrupt leaders. Everything is relative.

For sure mate... and like our esteemed colleague here I have worked and mountaineered in some very poor countries with some close to collapse but do you know something scab? I also witnessed the actions of and dealt with some extremely resourceful and good individuals... I quite like the saying "Clean up your own back yard" and there is nothing more fitting than that for the UK at the moment... Our back yard is a complete mess, we just don't see the 'wood for the trees'... but I get your point mate, as always... will give you a ring next time I'm in the smoke buddy!... Carl


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Cheers mucker, will look forward to hearing from you.

I feel the need to shift this debate to the small matter of the unelected pseudo-dictatorship that is known as the EU. Now theres corruption.


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you are right carl but if these countrys do go under then its us that will end up with more rubbish in our back yards as the world leaders will turn the screws on us again by saying its the UK falut that these countrys are in this mess as we had a say and control of most of them at one time or another

its fine for our leaders to say yes you can come in but its not their backyards that the rubbish will be living in it will be ours

not all the people will be rubbish for sure but its strange that the people that you have said about dont want to come to the UK they are quite happy doing what they do and best on them for that but the rubbish from their countrys will end up on the wind heading our way

if you see what i mean lol

cheers ed


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Among other things, many states will fail because there are untold trillions around the world holed up in banks doing nothing more than making those that possess it even richer.

Economies depend on money circulating. Where the corrupt or capitalists (same thing?) hoard it, it is taken out of circulation and only the minority benefit from this. Simple economics really.

I read an article recently talking about why the rich want so much and to get richer - its because as an arbitrary figure, money is the least subjective thing with which someone can objectively quantify their success.

And the most pointless. Torched my life savings and took an 84% pay cut to move to Italy. Never been happier.


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Cheers mucker, will look forward to hearing from you.

I feel the need to shift this debate to the small matter of the unelected pseudo-dictatorship that is known as the EU. Now theres corruption.

You need only look at Canada now.

A minister of the environment protecting the people chopping down the forests and spilling oil all over the plains and arctic, a minister of science who doesn't even believe in evolution, and a megalomaniacal prime minister who just renamed the country's government after himself (The "Government of Canada" no longer exists, it's now called "The Harper Government"), is taking away civil rights like you wouldn't believe, selling out huge chunks for foreign businesses (his buddies), cancelling all philantropic commitments, and sent the national deficit skyrocketing (Ironically he's an Economist by education). "You will not recognize this country by the time I'm done with it" he said. He got that right.

People are sheep, and they let it happen. In our own backyard.


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Thank you The Boys from Brazil.
Which part of Mien Kampf did you take that from ?

I am only half joking as I am fearful your prediction and solution is spot on.
Failing nations seem to act as spoilt children, wanting without earn and reward.
Sadly the do goody liberals will abandon all that makes their own nations great, and drag us all down to the lowest comprehensive level as the have done with our education system.

If the European industry continue move at this speed to China soon there will be no jobs in the old continent.
Anarchy will reign not only in the uk.
Brands seen as national symbols are already being bought by non-Europeans.
The Land Rover India owned.
Waters of London are now from China.
Without forget that BP is already American owned.

About the book Mien Kampf is public knowledge that was well appreciated by the British royal family.
Oldjob look this The UK's Nazi King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor: Traitor & Enemy of Britain. (Part 2) - YouTube
Don't forgot Braziliand boys send to Europe to rescue you from Adolf.

A true assessment most European countries in particular in the euro area must be included in the list of future failed states.
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