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Surveillance covering SE england especially London
Nice One! simple but useful tool mate...

Ok I've reported myself just in case. But for future reference just PM me your details to go on the map.



Excellent idea, it could apply to other security 'fields' or applications too!

Not my line, but impressive in the simplicity and ease of use mate!

Looked at it and wouldn't surprise me if a 'subscription' type of forum or online security association with a paid for subscription or membership scheme doesn't implement it and charge for inclusion!

Pity it can't be 'protected' and only for 'free' use, maybe Google could assist there if some tosser tries to use the idea. There again maybe best if left 'as is' :D or Google might pick up on it too and charge for subscription or access! (Chuckle)

Meantime CPW members and myself can thank you for the time and thought you apply to it, thanks again sir!


We are Based in Cornwall and we are activley working throughout the South West (PL, TR, EX, TQ, TA, BH, DT,BA, BS.) We are happy to take long term jobs anywhere in the UK or Abroad


Private investigation
Process Service
Vehicle/Asset Tracking and Recovery
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Miss read, as I'm knackered, the above post as;
Intrinsic Surveillance and interrogation.
Amazing what no sleep does to you.
Had to reread, and was a little disappointed, sure would have been a unique selling point.

'INTERROGATION is our strong point,
a quiet room and a water source is all we need.

The map is sheer and total Genius.
Well done it looks brilliant.
Would be very interested to hear of work coming back from it at some point.
Good morning all.
Read most of the post on here, seems great to see everyone in the boat working together. I'm in Plymouth (jannerlad is a bit of a give away lol). I see there are already a few guy's posted from this way, although I'll travel to wherever needed. If I can help please let me know. Regards to you all.
Grupo Mostra

Hello, me and my partner of Axis are based in the south of Spain. After gaining experience with top rated companies (Winterman Solvimar and Paradell in Spain, and joint projects with Vance Garda and International Security Operations Group), we are strating up our own agency.
Our areas of expertise are skip tracing and background checks, and we can obtain almost every information you may need about an individual or a company. Apart from this, we offer traditional surveillance services. Just say that we live nearby Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol (Sotogrande, Marbella, etc) where we have gained considerable experience with foreign citizens. We speak english and swedish.
Due to the economic crisis, we had to design new services, maybe a little apart from what you may expect from a PI agency. These are focused to big companies, and include:
-Human resources management.
-Workplace integrity.
-Contingency and recovery planning.
-Labor unrest management (got some experience on this).
-Loss prevention.
-Product integrity.
-Travel integrity.
-Business Intelligence/ Competitive Intelligence services.

Our website is not finished yet, nor it´s translated into english, but we are working on it. If any of you needs advice on any of our services, or has a requirement for investigations in Spain or Gibraltar, please contact us.


My name is Avito J Miranda and a live in Marin County San Rafael C.A, I am a PI Lic # 25275, Security guard card # 1330186, Exposed lic # 00855633, CCW for C.A and Utha . C.P trainin Ex- police officer for 7 years in Puerto Rico, I speak Spanish and English. 12 years experiences You can contact me at avitoinvestigate@yahoo.com
if you need somebody in Californian some day .
Sincerely, Avito J Miranda
Thought id say hi, im looking to break into the p.i industry, so if anyone is looking to take on a trainee let us know. Looks as though im going to hold out on the course until the sia sort out what courses will be compatible

Hi Dave and everyone
I have for such a long time now been trying to arrange a directory of agents with details of the area they cover and types of work they undertake on A2A. However some are very reluctant to want such a directory. I for one would prefer to open my directory and see which fellow members work in a particular area i need work in. They would be my first choice for A2A. Just a thought????
Are you still taking details for this map? If so count me in.
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Some sort of directory sounds like a very good idea....I'll be very interested in getting a listing.

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